Comprises two linked well-equipped studio areas.

Some potters like to work in a busy environment, whilst others like to work more quietly. At the Pottery, Thurton. You have the choice.

By signing up for a course you will have the opportunity to:

• learn how to make beautiful and meaningful ceramic objects.
• become both confident and proficient in a wide range of techniques.
• learn the whole ceramic production process from initial design, right through to how to load and fire a kiln, and then glaze your creations.
• experiment with different types of the best quality clays and raw materials.
• discover your own style through experimentation and self-criticism.
• gain an insight into past and contemporary ceramic artists.

Classes are tutor led and skills based.

• Classes last three hours and run in half termly blocks.
• Classes are small (maximum eight students) ensuring plenty of tutor contact time.
• Classes are mixed ability and students should be over 16 years old.
• From the outset students can choose to work independently should they prefer to do so.

You are welcome to book a two lesson taster session,

which comprises one three hour making lesson and one ninety minute glazing lesson. The first lesson is spent making a clay vessel. Your piece of work will then be dried and fired in the kiln, ready for your second lesson (usually two weeks later) when you will decorate what you have made before it is fired for a second time, and returned to you. *Taster sessions take place outside of regular course times and can be booked for a mutually agreeable time.

Lessons are currently £29 for three hours including stock materials

(up to pre-set limits after which materials can be purchased at cost price) and firing costs, and are payable half-termly in advance.

Taster sessions are currently £80 for four and a half hours’ tuition.

To book either a course or a taster session, or for more information please get in touch via contact form.

Term Dates

Autumn term 2019
Monday 2 Sept – Friday 18 Oct
(Half Term)
Monday 28 Oct – Friday 20 Dec

Spring term 2020
Monday 06 Jan – Friday 14 Feb
(Half Term)
Monday 24 Feb – Friday 03 Apr

Summer term 2020
Monday 20 Apr – Friday 22 May
(Half Term)
Monday 01 June – Friday 24 July